Meet the Pastor

Marni.JohnThe Rev. John Meunier came to Sheridan in June 2020 with his wife, Marni, and their son, Max. John grew up in Muncie, Indiana, and comes to the ministry after careers in journalism and teaching at Indiana University. He has been a pastor for 15 years.

He was baptized as an adult in a Methodist church. He believes that the old Methodist message of God’s saving grace available to all and needed by all is just as relevant today as it was in the days when Methodist preachers rode horses on the frontier.

Marni is a special education teacher and former academic advisor to the Indiana University basketball team. She is first and foremost the mother to and advocate for Max, a mighty fighter born in 2019.

John’s son Luc will be a frequent worshipper at our church as well. He is a student at Bloomington High School South.

You can reach John at